we have been sold that the highest calling of all is wealth & power, masked in a shroud of religious principle, marketed as purpose. we have convinced ourselves that we must look, feel, act, and live a certain way. we have done this in order to fit in with others that are equally lost. we have allowed those few who have enough wealth & power to control messaging and legislation and content. we have created and lived in a system that gives us the perception of choice, while driving us like cattle towards the inevitable unhappiness of not owning enough, doing enough, being enough. we have perpetuated these notions as we see no other way. we believe a little more money, a few more things, and the perception we portray to others is the price of admission to contentment.

wealth & power are a mirage in the desert, constructed by the few that possess them. the price to admission into their club is one of blood, spirit, soul. to escape their clutches is to succeed. to change their power base is the only way to bring about systemic change.

we will watch them destroy our environment, limit our freedoms, control our money, dictate our workload, and divide our beliefs. we will grumble as they do this. we will stamp our feet and shout at their control. but we will not see change by acting the same. we’ve been led to believe that we win and lose through us versus them. we’ve been fed the idea that life will be better if our party, our people, those who hold our beliefs are in power. but the puppet masters’ strings control all sides of the system. the strings they pull tug at our hearts and minds, while the rape and pillage of our world and our people continues unmolested.

we win with love. we win by putting people over profit. we win by caring for each other – all people. we will win when we appreciate there is no victory – there is only purpose in peace. there is only purpose in love. there is only purpose in gratitude. there is only purpose in acceptance.

purpose & peace.


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