His priorities:

  1. food/shelter/water
  2. safety
  3. understanding – how did this happen? what is happening to him? how is he different? why is he different?
  4. make his pack better, work better together

He knows:

  • He is different – he possesses an awareness no one around him does
  • He can show others the way
  • He can solve problems other cannot
  • He can express himself differently than others
  • He has feelings others don’t seem to

Story arc:

Cinderella/New Testament – subtle hints of deity presence without reveal, could be nature or supernatural. Build includes basic needs through safety as a community, riches that can occur. Language, feelings, tools. Antagonist sources are nature, carnivores, and eventually community members. Final creates protagonist as outcast, abandoned but all by a few who take his new way of life and force him out.



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