some lessons are taught more effectively through absence than presence. some lives are meant to inspire, others are meant as cautionary tales. i have learned much in life through my father, most of which was how not to live. i still value what he taught me and love him for the man i knew he could be.

hold those you love close.

be honest.

work hard.

earn respect.

be the first to apologize.


discover purpose.


see the good in others.

fight for what you believe.

live passionately.

do what you’re good at.

have hobbies that enrich your life.

laugh, and make other’s laugh.

control your attitude and work ethic.

take responsibility.

never stop learning.

be worth leaning on.

look everyone in the eye.

have a firm handshake.

be kind.

be generous.

cultivate the earth.

learn a craft, and become good at it.

don’t hold a grudge.

strive to improve.

eat well.

drink well.



body, mind and spirit all need daily exercise.

speak of someone as if they were in front of you.

apply yourself.


give of your time to those who need it.

have animals, love them as they love you.

appreciate all you have.

be grateful for each day.


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