We all have choices. Some days we are fucking hardened and aggressive, pushing for more whether or not it’s deserved. Other days we’re maybe passive and complacent, allowing others to walk past us, over us, through us. The rest of the days we are assertive, pushing for what’s fair and empathetically assessing each moment of our lives. I will let my life err on the side of assertion, empathy, fairness. I will work to be kind before I’m rude, think before speaking, work hard before insisting others do so.



which side of history will i be on?

the idea of the world pulling itself in opposite directions is one that may be more apparent and intense with the advent of a 24 news cycle, but i have trouble believing that this hasn’t been a sentiment with every civilization in the history of our planet. we have conservatives and democrats, india and pakistan, north and south korea, catholic and muslim, cat people and dog people. our views put us at odds, and now with the advent of social media and 24 hour news, we have gasoline thrown on every spark that may not have lit.

we find differences instead of commonalities. we search for superiority without discovering compatriots. we criticize, we abuse and we enslave. and those of us that don’t actively participate, passively consent. we have become a world pitted against each other, and instead of looking for good, and hope, and promise, we’ve allowed greed and power to consume our priorities.

none of us consider ourselves evil. we all believe in what we do, tacitly or actively. we believe that our mores are the right ones. the problem is, we believe the opposition is wrong. we do not see enough space in the world for us and them. it’s either we win or we lose.

here is what i believe. it is my being.

  • I believe that the earth and all it’s inhabitants are to be treasured.
  • I believe I must respect my fellow humans.
  • I believe love is kindness and forgiveness.
  • I believe my highest calling is to work hard at work worth doing.
  • I believe that life is found in gardens, animals, children, and nature.
  • I believe that purpose is built, not found.
  • I believe that peace is created, and must be maintained.
  • I believe that those you’ve surrounded yourself with are a reflection of you.


for what it’s worth, i was never honest. at least not with myself. i wanted so badly to be that person that you saw as desirable, i never bothered discovering who i was, what i wanted, why i lived. fast forward all this time, and so much has changed. mainly, i no longer give a fuck. bless it.



he stooped over the fire, stoking the last glow of embers who’s light was slowly fading. he squatted down and snapped twigs over it’s dying spirit, watch as they slowly charred, then caught flame and crackled hopefully.  “we need fire, as we need meat.” he thought. “we must keep the flame that the fire from the sky lit.” he hovered his hand over the flame until it was too warm to do so. with each passing moment, he saw his path laid before him. this place was where they had always lived, but had always died. there must be better places, with more meat and water. they must take the fire, and see other places.



in all the world and all it’s gold

we find only the time to hold

our loved ones dear when we have time

the rest is spent within the grind.

if only we let the roles reverse

and instead weren’t focused on the purse

we could live our lives with best intent

and find ourselves the more content.