some lessons are taught more effectively through absence than presence. some lives are meant to inspire, others are meant as cautionary tales. i have learned much in life through my father, most of which was how not to live. i still value what he taught me and love him for the man i knew he could be.

hold those you love close.

be honest.

work hard.

earn respect.

be the first to apologize.


discover purpose.


see the good in others.

fight for what you believe.

live passionately.

do what you’re good at.

have hobbies that enrich your life.

laugh, and make other’s laugh.

control your attitude and work ethic.

take responsibility.

never stop learning.

be worth leaning on.

look everyone in the eye.

have a firm handshake.

be kind.

be generous.

cultivate the earth.

learn a craft, and become good at it.

don’t hold a grudge.

strive to improve.

eat well.

drink well.



body, mind and spirit all need daily exercise.

speak of someone as if they were in front of you.

apply yourself.


give of your time to those who need it.

have animals, love them as they love you.

appreciate all you have.

be grateful for each day.



My love for you is an ocean. Many things in life are trivial, trite, and fleeting. Let my love be the tides. Let it be the warm kiss of the sea’s warmth in the tropics. Let my love be steadfast as a glacier, monumental as an iceberg, infinite as the sandy shores. May you know that my heart’s content near you is as the beating of waves upon your shore. It is as passionate as a tempest, filled with wrath for any who wrong you. My love covers the depth and breadth of all the oceans on earth and to the skies above.

I love you.



“Follow your passion”

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

“Do what you love.”

We need to work, as much as that sucks. We need to make money and support ourselves so we can have shelter, eat, and be safe. The money we make in exchange for work performed is then exchanged for goods and services that others create. It’s a good system. However, many people will tell you to follow your passions, to do what you love.

I totally disagree.

Here’s my problem with that method; it only works for a very, very few. In some cases, you can’t support yourself doing what you love. And, 5 years from now (or 10, or 30), are you still going to have the same fervor for what you’re doing?

I don’t want to come to hate my passions. Instead, I’d prefer to love my passions, and work at doing what I’m good at.



i deleted facebook today.

time is precious, and what i choose to put in front of my eyes is what my brain will focus on. fewer screens, less trash, less pointless noise.

more activities, more hobbies, more time with those i love, more experiences.

divest from that which occupies me, invest in that which i choose to define me.



which side of history will i be on?

the idea of the world pulling itself in opposite directions is one that may be more apparent and intense with the advent of a 24 news cycle, but i have trouble believing that this hasn’t been a sentiment with every civilization in the history of our planet. we have conservatives and democrats, india and pakistan, north and south korea, catholic and muslim, cat people and dog people. our views put us at odds, and now with the advent of social media and 24 hour news, we have gasoline thrown on every spark that may not have lit.

we find differences instead of commonalities. we search for superiority without discovering compatriots. we criticize, we abuse and we enslave. and those of us that don’t actively participate, passively consent. we have become a world pitted against each other, and instead of looking for good, and hope, and promise, we’ve allowed greed and power to consume our priorities.

none of us consider ourselves evil. we all believe in what we do, tacitly or actively. we believe that our mores are the right ones. the problem is, we believe the opposition is wrong. we do not see enough space in the world for us and them. it’s either we win or we lose.

here is what i believe. it is my being.

  • I believe that the earth and all it’s inhabitants are to be treasured.
  • I believe I must respect my fellow humans.
  • I believe love is kindness and forgiveness.
  • I believe my highest calling is to work hard at work worth doing.
  • I believe that life is found in gardens, animals, children, and nature.
  • I believe that purpose is built, not found.
  • I believe that peace is created, and must be maintained.
  • I believe that those you’ve surrounded yourself with are a reflection of you.


I love you.

I love the coastlines of your body. i love the fertile lowlands and snow capped precipices that trace your soft edges. i love your highways and your potholes. i love your spirit, and all of it’s perspectives. i love that you are many different people. i love that you’re kind, and fierce, and passionate. i love that you fervently love, and temper your rage. i love the emotional violence of your beliefs. i love that you defend what is yours.




we have been sold that the highest calling of all is wealth & power, masked in a shroud of religious principle, marketed as purpose. we have convinced ourselves that we must look, feel, act, and live a certain way. we have done this in order to fit in with others that are equally lost. we have allowed those few who have enough wealth & power to control messaging and legislation and content. we have created and lived in a system that gives us the perception of choice, while driving us like cattle towards the inevitable unhappiness of not owning enough, doing enough, being enough. we have perpetuated these notions as we see no other way. we believe a little more money, a few more things, and the perception we portray to others is the price of admission to contentment.

wealth & power are a mirage in the desert, constructed by the few that possess them. the price to admission into their club is one of blood, spirit, soul. to escape their clutches is to succeed. to change their power base is the only way to bring about systemic change.

we will watch them destroy our environment, limit our freedoms, control our money, dictate our workload, and divide our beliefs. we will grumble as they do this. we will stamp our feet and shout at their control. but we will not see change by acting the same. we’ve been led to believe that we win and lose through us versus them. we’ve been fed the idea that life will be better if our party, our people, those who hold our beliefs are in power. but the puppet masters’ strings control all sides of the system. the strings they pull tug at our hearts and minds, while the rape and pillage of our world and our people continues unmolested.

we win with love. we win by putting people over profit. we win by caring for each other – all people. we will win when we appreciate there is no victory – there is only purpose in peace. there is only purpose in love. there is only purpose in gratitude. there is only purpose in acceptance.

purpose & peace.



Why would you sexually harass someone? Clearly this is a cultural issue for those in positions in power. The sad and terrible truth is that this will continue to come out about many additional humans and come as a huge shock with each additional revelation.

I think it’s long overdue that this is becoming public, and that some of the individuals involved are being held accountable for their actions. Sadly this seems to exclude those in the political realm, with those either stepping down or being fired being in the celebrity and corporate world.

This is so much more prevalent than politics, corporate America, or celebrity. This is not just the US – this is every country around the world, and many are far worse than ours. This is sadly a cultural norm that needs to shift.

I do have one fear. I don’t want the pendulum to swing in the other direction, where all anyone has to do is make a claim and the individual is automatically ostracized, guilty until proven innocent.

That being said, we need all of this on the table – we need a cultural shift that tells men (and women) everywhere, that this is not acceptable behavior, that it’s socially normal and encouraged to speak out, and that there are consequences for being a piece of shit.

I put both men and women into the same category, because while the vast majority of these situations will be men harassing women, the opposite does occur – and has to me.



I want a garden. I want a home with a yard and a small barn. I want animals. I want a woodshop. I want to own my property. I want trees and a year round stream I can fish from. I want a porch. I want a kitchen and extra bedrooms for friends to stay over and visit often. I want to live modestly but comfortable. I want to help those who cannot do so.

I want to make the world around me better. I want future generations to look back and see us as the pivotal generation that made the world better. I want everyone to have enough. I want no one to suffer. I want justice and peace. I want exploration of space and oceans. I want technological advances.

I want healthcare for all. I want creative and artistic and beauty supported. I want opportunity for those that will work hard. I want free & clean air, water and soil for everyone. I want everyone to have access to education. I want everyone to feel safe in their homes and communities. I want our world to collaborate on getting better, instead of accusing each other of making it worse. I want cultural, ethnic and religious divides to be respectful and understanding. I want us to look at the world as ‘us’, not ‘us vs. them’ or ‘have vs. have not’. We should all have. It’s all us.

I want the world to learn to love again.