Josiah Christ

Josiah lived frugally. He never used the Lord’s name in vain. In point of fact, he just never used the Lord’s name at all. Josiah believed that anything worth making was worth making yourself. He had little faith in that which couldn’t be understood through being taken apart and put back together. He flossed. He believed that true happiness was found between lines and chapters, and at the bottom of a reasonably priced glass of red wine.

Josiah needed the simple life. It spoke to his need for an orderly life.

That tends to happen, when you’ve lived a shade over two thousand years.

Josiah thought his brother deserved the hype he got. And while Jesus was Mary’s first born, he was by no means the Lord’s only child. He was the latest in a long line of failures- and the only to give up his birthright to ensure it for all others. Eternal life.

Josiah Christ


he stooped over the fire, stoking the last glow of embers who’s light was slowly fading. he squatted down and snapped twigs over it’s dying spirit, watch as they slowly charred, then caught flame and crackled hopefully.  “we need fire, as we need meat.” he thought. “we must keep the flame that the fire from the sky lit.” he hovered his hand over the flame until it was too warm to do so. with each passing moment, he saw his path laid before him. this place was where they had always lived, but had always died. there must be better places, with more meat and water. they must take the fire, and see other places.




His priorities:

  1. food/shelter/water
  2. safety
  3. understanding – how did this happen? what is happening to him? how is he different? why is he different?
  4. make his pack better, work better together

He knows:

  • He is different – he possesses an awareness no one around him does
  • He can show others the way
  • He can solve problems other cannot
  • He can express himself differently than others
  • He has feelings others don’t seem to

Story arc:

Cinderella/New Testament – subtle hints of deity presence without reveal, could be nature or supernatural. Build includes basic needs through safety as a community, riches that can occur. Language, feelings, tools. Antagonist sources are nature, carnivores, and eventually community members. Final creates protagonist as outcast, abandoned but all by a few who take his new way of life and force him out.




Was there a first cognition? As we developed, adapted and evolved, was there a generation or stretch of time where we went from a sub-species we’d study, to the modern humans we’d recognize as brethren? We now know species can evolve in as short as a generation, sometimes as short as a couple years within a generation. What if that occurred with our ancestors? What if there was truly a first man and woman, that then taught those around them concepts of language, choice, tool use, and division of labor? Was there a child that was born or had an awakening? Did he give himself a name? How did he come to be?